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Jazmína Piktorová - Tomáš Janypka - Viktor Černický - Wanda Kaprálová - Petra Hanzlíková



Our Earth is full of worlds within worlds. Each of these microworlds lives its own unique life. Through micro-movements, body landscape and a play with small objects the performance focuses our attention on little things that are often overlooked in plain sight. The playful and poetic performance explores the fragility of our existence.


Twenty-two conference chairs, obsessive rhythm and one determined man. A production that moves between installation, performance, dance and circus in an entertaining way shows that even objects of everyday life can be transformed into incredible pieces of architecture. PLI follows the Baroque philosophy of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, but the robustness and ostentatiousness of the time is replaced by the simplicity and minimalism of the scenic design.


Every human is a lonely cowboy, imprinted with the landscape that surrounds them: the mountains, the city, the amalgam of ideas, images, ideals, icons and human behaviour. We find ourselves on the threshold of a scattered time when we can stop looking for patterns on the map, in the footsteps of heroism, and in the desert of patterns and memories from the past. We can draw our own individual maps where hierarchy doesn't reign among our stories and where gentleness, uncertainty and doubt are qualities equal to determination, strength and fearlessness. What are the attributes the ideal cowboy of today should hold? What would the ideal cowboy be, incarnated by a man - Tomáš Janypka? Loneliness as a question and an answer alike. 


A participatory theatre project arising from the energy of an encounter anchored in unique time and space. A group of local non-professionals is selected via an open call to join the team of performers and take on the journey of a three-day laboratory, culminating in a final show.

song lines

The performance song lines is a personal expedition into the inner space that is stricken by the absence of a close person, one presence and memory. It is an intuitive search for the essence of this experience.


Dokážeme ešte vnímať obyčajnosť, zažívať seba v behu kríz a udalostí? 

Žalospev obyčajnosti sa odráža od prístupov z výtvarného umenia, súčasnej hudby, tanca a live performance, ktoré ponúkajú divákovi vstúpiť v malom počte do jasne komponovaného priestoru a zažívať seba cez zosilnenie vnemov a citlivosti.

A to je zakázáno

Premiere 2024


Premiere 2025

Together and individually addressing the question of how to meet the public in contemporary dance theatre and performance.

Founded in 2016 by the graduates of the Physical Theatre Studio at Janáček Academy of Performing Arts - AMU in Brno, zdruhestrany have toured Europe, gaining respectable awards and nominations including the Czech Dance Platform Award for Jazmína Piktorová's Microworlds and Viktor Černický's PLI. The latter has been selected among the Aerowaves Twenty20 promising choreographies in 2019.

Embracing the principle of creative sustainability, with respect to the natural cycles of creative spike and rest, each year the three core artists pass the baton: one immerses into creation, one into research, and the last one, well, into… resting. At least that's the philosophy on the paper.


Jazmína Piktorová

Choreographer, performer and lecturer investigating the spheres of physical theatre, dance, acting, and lyrical clowning. The focal point of Jazmína's creative pursuit is at the intersection of movement education and creation for children, her long-term ambition is to address subjects that challenge herself and the audience alike.

She is a lecturer at the Dance for Schools arts education project run by Tanec Praha association. Her work has been awarded the main award and the audience award at the the Czech Dance Platform 2023, described by the international jury as an extraordinarily complex and novel work, a door-opener to spheres unknown for kids, their parents and everyone regardless of age.

Tomáš Janypka

Creator, choreographer, performer and facilitator of Somatic Dialogue. A graduate in Physical Theatre at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic. As an independent artist as well as a member of the collective ZDRUHESTRANY, he has a list of curious collaborations to his record, among them Jaro Viňarský, Sonja Pregrad, Dominique Boivin, Daniel Gulko, Helle Bach, Lenka Flory, associations tYhle, mimoOs and Temporary Collective.

His strength lies in subtlety and openness to genres and approaches, while his focus concentrates around intimate events, the perception of the body and its limits, the weight of things on the physical and the spiritual plane, as well as the physical and emotional sharing thereof with the viewer. His works include song lines: expedition 97/18 (2019, with Sabina Bočková), Eight Cups and the Devil (2021, with Roberta Štepánková), Completing the Sphere (2021, a year-long interdisciplinary research in the architectural and visual project), and more.

Viktor Černický

Dance artist, dramaturg and teacher creating works that straddle the fine line between dance, physical theatre, circus and visual arts.

In 2019, his solo performance PLI was awarded the Total Award and Audience Award of the Czech Dance Platform 2019. With his previous work Parolapoleo, he was already nominated there in 2017 in the categories Dancer of the Year and Dance Piece of the Year, as well as the Theatre Newspaper Award.

His work is widely presented on European and Asian stages and festivals, including in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Stockholm, Barcelona, Vilnius and Kalamata. The prestigious European contemporary dance network Aerowaves included PLI in the Aerowaves Twenty20 selection, and in 2021 the performance was supported by Dancenet Sweden.

Viktor works across artistic fields, the core of his work being dance as a dialogue with the public, dance as a value, physical reflection and the ambivalence of the subject-object relationship. As part of the two-year project Shape It! he rethinks the artistic process together with young viewers across Europe. In his latest performance PRIMA, which was co-produced with partners in Romania, the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain as part of the international project Be SpectACTive!, groups of local residents become the actors of contemporary dance.

Wanda Kaprálová

Wanda Kaprálová studied Film Theory and History at Masaryk University in Brno, then completed the Production Team Studies program at FAMU International. Since 2015, she has been fully dedicated to film production and distribution. She collaborated with Vít Janeček and Zuzana Piussi in the production companies D1film (CZ) and VIRUSfilm(SK), where she was the head of development, production and distribution for the films At Full Throttle (d. Miro Remo, 2020), Peasant Common Sense (d. Zuzana Piussi, Vít Janeček, 2017), Five Hundred Plateaus (d. Andrea Slováková, 2020) and others. She also worked for the VOD portal DAFilms as a production manager. Since 2020, together with Klára Mamojková, she has been working as a producer in her own production company CLAW.

Petra Hanzlíková

A data juggler and Excel chart dancer – Petra has been streamlining new approaches to production management in performing arts for over a decade. As a production manager and PR consultant she has collaborated with international performing arts festivals, such as Tanec Praha, Cirkopolis, and Zero Point / Nultý bod. Recently she has become a vocal proponent of equity in the field, defending the ideas of sustainability, fair conditions, the well-being of artists and non-artistic workers, and non-hierarchical dynamics between the two.

Petra has been a tech and digital media geek for most of her adult life. In the face of the new era in the performing arts, inevitably marked by the pandemic and the war in Europe, Petra is eager to inspire and get inspired by other professionals and their digital as well as analog strategies in helping the performing arts flourish.


The company is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Brno and the City of Prague.

The Lonesome Cowboy, A to je zakázáno, PNEU and Ambasadoři projects were implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.​

The projects of the company are able to get partner facilities or support from dance centres and institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad, such as BeSpectACTive Network, TANEC PRAHA Festival, 4 + 4 Days in Motion, Festival Bazaar, PONEC - dance theatre, Studio ALTA, Café de las Artes Santander, Kilowatt Sansepolcro, Festival Kiosk, CNK Banská Bystrica and others.

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